Affiliates Program

What Is the Affiliate program


Earn money without having to actually sell anything! You don't even need a website! Earning money is so easy with our affiliate program, promote LHISHOP products on your website, blog, social media or any online location and receive commission on any sale you successfully refer - Click here to register now!

How Does the Affiliate program work?


An affiliate works with to promote our website and products on external sites by posting an affiliate URL. You are paid commission on any order the customer you referred places within 15 days of clicking your link.


If someone comes to online via your affiliate link, and that person makes a purchase, you; the affiliate will receive Referral Points on that sale. Referral Points can be exchanged for cash (paid via PayPal or Western Union), discount coupons, or LHISHOP products.

How Do We Calculate Commission?

Commission is calculated as a % of total orders placed. The rate is based on your affiliate member type, the following table shows both the commission rates in USD and the classes of affiliate membership. Each class is based on total sales made through your affiliate account. The more you sell the greater the commission!

Class BG Points
Cash Back Equivalent Amount
(Rate: 100BG points = USD$1)
How to Join Each Class


$4 per $100 in referrals (4% commission) This is the default level
Premium 600% $6 per $100 in referrals (6% commission) Once your sales reach $4,000 you are eligible. for class update
VIP 800% $8 per $100 in referrals (8% commission) Once your sales reach $10,000 you are eligible.  for class update