LHI Review Club

Onsite Reviews, Get LHI Points


Tell us about your recent LHISHOP order, your opinion gets you points. Earn LHISHOP points for every review you put on our product page. You are encouraged to post a video review as these are worth more points. Make one for every product you have purchased and share the pictures you have made to maximize your points.


The LHISHOP points earning system is below:


Offsite Product Reviews, Get Rewards
How Do I Join?
Simply make your honest review on a recently purchased product and post it onto your channel, website or blog. Send the link of the review to lhiservice2@gmail.com . Your submission will be analyzed and if accepted you will be given a reward between $5 and $50 value.
We are looking for both good content and also the location and traffic of your review.
The basic equation to success is here:


Offsite Product Reviews, Get Free Samples

Do you want to review free products? Do you have a popular online presence in forums, blogs, have your own website or any other large community based websites? If you are keen to review free products and have a massive audience email  lhiservice2@gmail.com.


. Affiliates, Dropshippers and other partners are not eligible for this event.
. Reviews can only show LHISHOP products only;
. All parts of the review should be original and not contain copyrighted material;
. Explicit or offensive material will not be allowed;
. Your review may be used by us with credit given to the creator;
. Banggood has the right to change the review policy at any time;
. Not every review applocation will receive a sample/ reward.
. Video or review hauls containing other brands or suppliers will not be considered.

Offsite Product Reviews,tips

How Should I Make The Review?

Well that depends on you your style and your channel. In saying this though, we are looking for detailed coverage of the product, our analyzing team recommend you include the following:

* Show us more than just the products, tell us how it works, how it performs, what you think of the product and if possible even compare it to other related products compare features and aim for holistic coverage of the product.

* Tell us where you brought it! Use the product link, SKU, our name and our logo in the review if possible.

* Make your review creative and original take your own videos and photos and upload them to YouTube. When submitting to us be sure to include all links to any videos or pictures you have uploaded.

Where Can I Post My Review?
Your own channel, blog, wenbsite or anywhere you have access to an audience related to the product, the more popular the location the greater your reward. Post on: